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Contrary to popular believes, ringworms are not some worms which get inside our body and start consuming our flesh, feasting on our blood in the process. Rather, ringworms have got their name by the specific blotches their infestation triggers on the surface of the skin of their hosts. Namely, these traces and signs resemble red rings which can affect one's body, scalp, nails and any skin area. Sometimes, these phenomena resemble pimples or rashes, spreading onto other portions of one's body.

Definition of Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection which is most commonly seen in children, even in infants. This infection can be cured easily. One of the safest ways of dealing with ringworm is letting your body manage to battle it through its immune system, expelling the fungus eventually. However, you can also opt for medications which are designed to remove the ringworm infection from our body. Even though your body may manage to treat itself, you better seek medical attention if your rashes start increasing and becoming itchy.

Ways of Contracting Ringworm

Also, keep in mind that this is a fungal infection which can easily be transferred to other people. All that it needs is a direct contact with the other person's body. Therefore, sharing different objects can lead to sharing this infection as well.

Alternatively, many people get infected by getting in contact with their pets, who already have ringworm. Open grounds are yet another risky area and children who play barefooted can easily get infected by ringworm through the skin on their feet.

Treatment and Means of Precaution

Commonly, doctors prescribe anti-fungal creams to patients with ringworm infections. The necessary medication may also be administered in forms of liquid or pills. Nevertheless, one needs to follow the doctor's instructions religiously. Usually, people stop the treatment before the fungus leaves the body completely. Thus, you need to go through with the therapy completely, making sure that you are safe.

As far as means of precaution are concerned, you are advised to stay away from people who are infected with ringworms, avoiding sharing any objects like towels and clothes. Do not go out barefooted, stepping on open ground. Wear slippers or some other form of protection. Of course, maintaining proper personal hygiene is crucial. Finally, as soon as you notice patches which resemble this kind of infection, seek medical assistance and have this problem treated timely and effectively, since any prolongation may leave long-term marks on the surface of your skin.

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