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Ringworm is a type of fungal skin infection which can affect all the age groups including babies. Still it most frequently occurs after the age of two. Setting of the correct diagnosis in babies can be challenging because symptoms of the infection do not develop until a few days after the infection.

Parents commonly notice a ring shaped rash on certain parts of a baby's body. The size of skin changes is approximately the size of a silver dollar. The rash is itchy and bothersome and the condition is rather contagious.

Causes of Ringworm in Babies

Ringworm in babies is most commonly obtained from infected pets or people. The fungi may be found in clothes, towels etc. In babies even ringworm of the scalp frequently occurs. In this case, the fungi are transmitted via infected hairbrush, combs, hats and so on. Another way of getting the infections is walking barefoot. The fungi may be present on the floor in the pool area.

Symptoms of Ringworm in Babies

The presence of one or even more scalp patches on the baby's skin is a typical sign of ringworm infection. The size of the patch is about a size of a dime or a quarter. Initially the ringworm rash is not round in shape. After certain period of time a definitive appearance of the patches includes scaly ring around a smooth center. Multiplication of the fungi leads to enlargement of the patches. If the infection affects the scalp, the rash is usually not in a shape of ring. Instead the skin of the scalp is covered in patchy, scaly areas or even bald spots. Even stubs of broken hair in the middle of the bald spots on the scalp may point to the presence of ringworm in babies.

Treatment for Ringworm in Babies

Pediatricians are doctors who cure babies so it is obvious that if parents notice rash on their baby's skin they should visit baby's pediatrician and he/ she will set the definitive diagnosis, identify the underlying cause of the skin infection and prescribe proper therapy.

Antifungal cream is supposed to be applied on the affected area twice a day for 4 weeks. Even when the rash has completely withdrawn the anti-fungal medications is supposed to be applied for 10 more days. In severe cases doctors can even prescribe oral medications. Ringworm on the scalp is treated with a combination of an antifungal shampoo and oral drugs. The symptoms and signs of scalp ringworm completely withdraw within 8 weeks.

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