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Many men suffer from a condition called hydrocele. Those who are suffering from this kind of a condition have a swollen scrotum, but this doesn't produce any significant pain or discomfort. This condition can also appear at birth, since it happens approximately to every tenth male newborn, but the effects usually disappear after a year. The swollen testis is a result of a sac filled with water. The problem usually appears at both testicles, and it is important to visit a doctor if you are experiencing this swelling. We have stated a common cause, but the condition can be provoked because of a more serious condition, like a tumor or inguinal hernia. When the mentioned hernia occurs, the intestines force their way to the scrotum through the weak abdominal wall. This condition will definitely require medical treatment.

We have said that children and babies can have hydrocele and that its usually disappears without any treatment, but this isn't always the case. Remember to go to the doctor if the condition is not removed, or if even it grows bigger after a year. Sometimes the babies will develop the condition while in the womb. Usually the fluid gets absorbed after the sac is closed, but in certain number of cases, the fluid from the sac can remain. When this happens, the condition called non-communicating hydrocele is the guilty party for the condition. Sometimes the fluid from the sac returns to the abdomen or even stay open, and this problem is named communicating hydrocele.

We have covered the causes of the condition in male children and babies. When adult males are concerned, the condition is usually the result of an injury, or an infection. Naturally, this is connected with scrotum injury and inflammation (common place for the inflammation is the coiled tube located in the back area of thetesticle).

What about the treatment? The condition is not at all dangerous and especially harmful, but although its usually disappears on its own after a year, it can grow very big and cause great discomfort. In these cases, a visit and consultation with a professional is needed. Surgery is performed in these cases. The surgeon will make the incision and remove the hydrocele. Other method of hydrocele treatment is by removing the liquid using needle. If you have undergone a surgical treatment, you will have to wear a scrotal support and put ice packs on the scrotum for a while.

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