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Young people can have problems with larynx, bronchi and trachea. They are caused by the larynx inflammation. False membrane is the symptom created by the croup, and this condition is called the same. We are now to talk about the effects of this condition and the ways of the treatment. The disease can affect adults, and then it is called laryngitis. The condition causes problems with breathing, since the narrowest part of the throat holds the larynx, and it has to be treated immediately, since the consequences can be serious.

What are the effects of this disease?

Some of the most common symptoms are fever, red face, hoarse and sharp voice, swelling of the throat (which can produce pain when pressed) and fast pulse. Breathing problems are evident. Creaking sound can be heard while breathing, and even barking cough. These breathing problems can be quite difficult. Fever can be extreme in some more serious cases of croup.

What produces croup?

We have previously stated that the main culprit is the infection. When this occurs, edema causes the narrowing of the upper air passage. Diphtheric problems can also produce the croup. This condition can be caused by the coeliac disease or rickets. When a person experiences these conditions, calcium in their blood is reducing and this produces vocal cord spasm. A foreign body can also be the cause of croup.

Now, let's talk about the possible treatments. Some medications can be used, such as antitoxins, but they can have certain side effects. Because of this, they are not recommended, regardless of their positive effect on this condition. However, the best treatment consists of a certain diet. When the treatment starts, during several days, juice and water can be consumed, but in very little quantities. Solid food will be forbidden to consume in this period. This diet stops when the fever disappears. For the constipation, children can take glycerin or warm water enema. This enema should be used every day. Applying the ice pack on the throat every two hours, can be effective. Patient will have to be in some kind of isolation. In some cases, breathing problems can be very serious. When this happens, air has to be made moist and warm. This can be done with boiling water with eucalyptus oil in it. Older children will inhale the steam coming from the water, while smaller children will only need to be in the same room as the boiling water. This should give some sort of relief to the breathing. Fruits, like grapes, pear, peach and melon need to be consumed when the fever is removed. Vegetables and grain cereals are also advised. The membrane can be removed by a home remedy. During one week, patient can chew a garlic every 3 or 4 hours. This will help with the temperature.

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