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Heartburn is a very uncomfortable sensation that does not necessarilyhave to be a health issue. It is possible that it will affect even healthypeople, who otherwise have no medical problems, after they overeat or afterthey have some spicy meal in some Mexican restaurant, for example. It can berecognized easily because it produces a kind of burning that spreads from thechest area to the throat and face.

Tips on how to reduce heartburn

In case a person does not need to take medications or wants toget rid of this problem naturally, then the following suggestions might help:

Large portions and large meals should be avoided and instead, smaller ones should be eaten, because this way chances of experiencing heartburn will be decreased. Eating right before going to bed is a huge mistake, particularly for people who have problems with heartburn. In their cases, it is recommended not to eat absolutely anything at least three hours before going to sleep. It is also recommended to avoid lying down after a meal, even if only for a half an hour or so, because as long as a person stands or sits, chances of experiencing heartburn are smaller. Foods that have been identified as those that have a negative effect on the problem of acid reflux should be avoided or even eliminated. This particularly goes for fatty and spicy food, but it also refers to beverages that have a tendency to trigger acid reflux. Beverages with such an effect might differ from person to person, but generally those are coffee, alcohol, milk, and in many cases orange juice. Drinking water in recommended amount is also important, especially after eating, because water can flush the mixture of acid and food right back to the stomach. Avoiding stress and any other kind of emotional distress is sometimes simply impossible, but since they have negative effect on heartburn, it is important at least to try to reduce exposure to such emotions as much as possible. Giving a chance to home remedies and natural ways of dealing with this problem might be helpful for a number of people, which is why it is important to try out some before relying on medications. Ginger root, peppermint, rhubarb, and fennel seeds are some of the most frequently used herbs, and they can be used as home remedies in various ways, which allows the person in question to choose the one that suits them best.In case a person uses medications for the treatment ofheartburn, it is necessary to use them exactly as they are prescribed, becausethat way possible side effects will be avoided and the medications will be most effective.

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