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A time to go to doctor is just a common sense. Even mild heartburn is difficult to overlook. If the symptoms change, and become more frequent or more painful, it is a time. Who would bother with doctor and with a condition that could be a minor problem? However, it is always safer to be caution with a matter like severe heartburn. Ordinary heartburn will not cause vomiting but signs of blood should never be ignored. Other signs of severe heartburn include persistent attacks, throat pain, coughing, wheezing, excessive saliva, serious weight loss, this mean that it is time to visit a doctor. But ordinary heartburn should not interfere with regular life routines.

Heartburn can be treated with prescribed medicines as well as medicines available without prescription. It all depends of individual body. But before taking any drugs it is good to to look out for diet and check out for causes. Some food can cause a heartburn, spicy food, fried food or citrus. Changing a food means treating heartburn. Heartburn is an extra acid that comes back from stomach to esophagus. Esophagus irritates acid, and answers back with chest pain. Heartburn can feels the same as the heart attack, so do not panic. Heartburn medications are available in pharmacies, according to a type, so checking side effect of each type might be necessary before making a decision. To follow up heartburn with medication, it is important to check how frequent the attack appear and according to that to decide if it is necessary to visit doctor or not.

HCL Medications

Heartburn is often extra acid, and the opposite may cause heartburn. Stomach produces hydrochloric acid (HCL) and helps digestion. Lack of HCL produces food ferments that are putrefied in the stomach and wrong "mixture" can give heartburn as well. A heartburn condition may be complex problem, especially if appears recurrently.

H2 Blockers

A H2 blocker blocks the acid production and reduces amount of it in stomach. H2 blockers can be found in pharmacies without prescription.

PPI and Prevacid

Proton-pump inhibitors or PPIs decreases the production of stomach acid, by "inhibiting" the enzyme in stomach that produces acid any way. So less acid means less heartburn. With PPIs there are side-effects: headaches, diarrhea or constipation.


Anti-acids neutralize extra stomach acid. Drugs such as Tums and Brands are antacids. If it is taken too frequent seeing a doctor is must.

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