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Smooth tissues surrounding the teeth, periodontium, can be distressed by few inflammatory infections. Those diseases can bring losing the teeth, if they are not cured in right way and they are called periodontitis or gum disease. In most cases, periodontitis, is initiated by bacterial infection. However things like smoking, that starts the inside mouth infection, or ancestry and unrestrained diabetes can also be the trigger.

Oral hygiene is the main treatment for gum diseases. Brushing teeth in a proper way, flossing the teeth, as many times as possible and of course, washing your mouth. All of this is very important for oral hygiene so it helps to reduce causes for getting gum disease. For cleaning teeth with spaces exists special toothbrush called proxi- brush. People with unability can not perform oral hygiene therefore they need help with professionals.

Elimination of bacterial plaque, mounting and root planning are some medical actions for gum disease, which, however are not always successful. Surgery however is successful and effective in treating periodontitis then again there are lots of inconveniences too.

There are opinions that gum disease is curable naturally and, also there are some of them that are effective.

Curing gum disease with vitamin C is very effective. If the level of vitamin C is low, progress of periodontitis is very possible. Antioxidant found in vitamin C is useful in healing tissues and rapid restoration of bones. Do eat fruits with Vitamin C like strawberries, kiwi, oranges, lemon.

Vitamin D, which has got anti-inflammatory properties will diminish possibility to get gum disease. Eat foods with Vitamin D like salmon, tuna fish, cheese.

Stress reduction will ease your troubles. The study that was done showed that people who are under stress are getting gum disease in bigger percentage than people who are not under stress.

If coenzyme Q10 is not preset in body in sufficient amounts it will probably cause gum disease. Because of that, products like toothpaste with coenzyme Q10 appeared. Therefore it is recommended to see if your toothpaste includes coenzyme Q10 because if it not, suggestion is to get one which does.

Tea tree oil is meant for natural treatment of gum disease, with its antibiotic possessions which are proven to reduce intensity of gingivitis and bleeding. Therefore toothpaste containing Tree tea can be bought nowadays.

Prevention of gum disease with cranberry juice can also be done. Cranberry juice if taken for few days is capable to stop bacteria to stay in touch with teeth. In health food stores you can get cranberry juice.

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