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When a baby is born, she is beautiful and usually has the perfect skin. The skin of a baby is softer and smoother than in adults. However, sometimes it can be affected by the certain conditions and become red or irritated. In the most cases, the parents see that when they are changing the diaper.

Causes of severe diaper rash

The severe diaper rash may occur due to many reasons; for example, it can be caused by bacteria. Furthermore, if parents do not change the diaper as often as they should, that may lead to the appearance of diaper rash. It is also considered that, if the area of the skin where the rash emerges is not kept clean as it should, or if the baby’s diet is not proper, it may also cause the appearance of severe diaper rash. Sometimes even the diapers can cause the rash. If the diapers are not clean enough, or if they are cleaned with something that is an allergen to the baby, that can lead to the outbreak of the rash.

When severe diaper rash occurs, it is bright or deep red and tends to cover the entire bottom area. There are cases when this rash has the appearance of welts. Sometimes even white spots appear and many people tend to mistake it for something else.

Treatment of diaper rash

It is very important to be sure that the baby developed a diaper rash, because sometimes the babies can get yeast infection or thrush. This yeast infection can also appear in the mouth of the baby, and it is important to take the baby to a doctor in order to treat it properly. If the baby has a severe diaper rash, there are several things that the parents should do. First of all, it is important to change the diapers frequently. It is recommended to change it on every two hours. It is also important to change the poopy diapers immediately even though the newborns often have small frequent stools.

The parents should change the brand of diapers in case when the diapers are responsible for the occurrence of rash. Furthermore, cloth diapers should be rinsed with vinegar added to the rinse. This is good for the destroying of alkaline irritants. The baby should be wiped well and the unscented wipes should be used or just the plain water. There are certain diaper creams that should be applied, such as petroleum ointment and white zinc oxide.

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