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A cyst that occurs in the back of the knee is called Baker’s cyst. It is difficult to determine the reason for the appearance of this cyst, but a natural medication is given in this article. That round swelling causes a lot of pain and discomfort. One of the possible causes of Baker`s cyst is a knee injury. Baker`s cyst is often connected with a blood clot. It is recommended to exclude blood clot before making an assumption that a Baker`s cyst is present. The existence of blood clot is ruled out by doing a venogram. When a patient is being observed from behind in a standing posture, a cyst is noticeable. It resembles a balloon that is filled with water. The most common reason for developing the Bakers cyst is the inflammation of the knee joint. It is also present in various types of arthritis. In the most cases, there is no need for any treatment. It vanishes on its own. It is important to follow next rules: plenty of protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation (P.R.I.C.E.).

Glucosamine–chondroitin can be of help in healing this condition. It is a good cure for Baker`s cyst, because it is building block in healthy cartilage. By using glucosamine–chondroitin supplements, you can heal damaged tissue that is not producing enough lubricant and postpone the progression of joint inflammation. Ginger tea as an additional natural medication can be of use. The features of ginger are similar to the NSAIDs and there are scientific facts which prove that it decreases redness of joints. Boswell, an herb that helps in reduction of inflammation, is also good in this type of condition. There is also the possibility of extracting fluid from a knee. A physician must do that. Then, a glucocorticoid injection must be given. The practice of using NSAIDs is also presented in the treatment. Exercises are significant, because they can help in strengthening the muscles that are settled near the knee. Those exercises must be done with a physician. If there is a tendency for developing Baker`s cyst, then everything should be done in order to protect your knee. Walking without pain should be practiced, and, during night, you should sleep with your leg up. This will decrease the irritation of the knee. If you read this article you can realize that Baker`s cyst can be an irritable condition, but by following several easy rules you can avoid it.

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