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Osteoarthritis and the main facts

This is one of the most frequent forms of arthritis and itaffects joints of hands, hips and knees the most. It is a degenerative disease,which tends to worsen over time, and it cannot be cured. However, the symptoms,of which the most usual are pain, aching and stiffness of the joint inquestion, may be treated and kept under control. Even though the real cause isnot really familiar to the scientists and doctors, it can be concluded thataging, obesity and injury to the joint are some of the elements that are in a wayconnected with the appearance of this serious condition.

Dietary supplements for osteoarthritis

Besides the conventional methods of treatment, when it comesto osteoarthritis, there is a number of supplements on the market that are recommended to patients, becausethey are said to have proven as more than helpful. Of all of them we will mention those that really have proven to be efficient.

Glucosamine supplements. Since glucosamine is one of theimportant ingredients of the cartilage, it is believed that these supplementshelp in slowing down the progress of deterioration of the cartilage. Several otherpositive effects have been attributed to this supplement, and some of them areincreased elasticity of cartilage, reducing the inflammation, relieving thepain. However, people who are about to give this supplement a try should beaware of the fact that it might take a few months before the first results areseen.Chondroitin supplements. This is an ingredient that both,tendons and cartilage contain, and it is believed that this supplement isefficient in reducing the pain and inflammation, as well as in slowing down theprogression of this disease.Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. These supplements are known fortheir anti-inflammatory features, and they are obtained either from fish oil,or from flaxseed oil. There was a study that proved the effectiveness of this supplementin reducing the levels of certain enzymes that lead to breaking down of thecartilage.SAMe supplements. SAMe is an abbreviation forS-adenosylmethionine, which is also produced by the body. These supplements arevery helpful in relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, butthey are known to be a bit pricey.MSM supplements. These supplements contain organic sulfur,which can also be found in fresh foods and which is known to be efficient inreducing the pain and inflammation in cases of osteoarthritis. There aresupplements that besides MSM contain also glucosamine and chondroitin, and insome cases, this combination is the best solution.

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