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Home Colon Cleanse

One of the most popular colon cleansers is the shake made of the psyllium and bentonite clay, known as P&B shake.

Psyllium powder will provide the fibers and the bentoniteclay acts as a binder. Combined, these products will help you to eliminate thetoxins from your colon.

Specialists advise using this shake once a day for a wholeweek. When you experience the first results slowly increase the numbers ofshake you drink every day until you reached 3 to 5 shakes every day. The colon cleansecould take several months until you completely clean your colon.

If you ever start to feel sick when using this shake, don’t useit any more. Constipation is another problem that might occur, and in that caseyou should lower the number of shakes you are taking daily and increase theintake of fluids.

Psyllium and bentonite shake is not a great tasting drink. Ifyou don’t like this one, there is a commercial combination called the UltimateColon Cleanse kit. This colon cleanse drink should be used once every day andit has a bit more taste to it.

Psyllium and Bentonite Shake

You might buy psyllium and bentonite in every health storeor in some supermarkets. Look for the psyllium powder and bentonite clayliquid, for that’s what you need to make this shake. To make a P&B shake,use a teaspoon of psyllium and a tablespoon of liquid bentonite clay. Add 8 to10 ozs of water, stir the liquid and the shake is ready to drink.

Some people recommend using P&B shake on an emptystomach, one hour before or after the meal.

It is recommended to drink another glass of clear water onceyou drank your P&B shake. The proper hydration is a necessity if you want tohave the best possible results from this shake.

The first results are visible after 1 to 3 months of regular use,and the best thing you could do in the meantime is to change your diet. Eat rawfood if you can, enjoy all the vegetables and fruits you can eat, and avoid the sugarand flour at all costs.

P&B shake will cleanse the body from all bacteria,including the good ones in the intestinal tract. To maintain the healthyintestines, take some probiotic drinks regularly. If you can, use probioticdrink an hour after you last shake for that day.

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