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Hearing aids have simple purposes. Basically, these small electronic devices are made for allowing people with hearing problems to hear again. Hearing aids can be worn inside or outside of the ear, being visible or completely concealed, depending on the model and the purpose of the device. Naturally, throughout the years, hearing aids have undergone a great evolution regarding the improvement of their functions and other characteristics. Nevertheless, three of their basic components remained the same.

Namely, all hearing aids have a microphone which picks up all the sounds from the environment around the wearer, an amplifier which amplifies the collected signal and a speaker device which plays the sound back to the listener.

The Flaws

Possibly the greatest flaw of hearing aids is the, so-called, block ears phenomenon. People who wear hearing aids have problems with them since these devices block the ear channels almost entirely, not letting low frequency sounds get out of the ear. Thereby, the wearers of hearing aids can hear themselves chewing food or doing some other actions. This can be annoying and distracting. Moreover, people who can hear low frequency sounds well will not benefit from having these amplified even more.

Open Fit Hearing Aids

Open fit hearing aids have been on the market for quite some time now. These devices are connected to the outer side of your ear lobe, consisting of a thick tube which you place behind the ear. There, it serves its purpose. However, by using this device, you will fail to hear many sounds since these will not be amplified directly into your ear.

Due to the bulkiness of the old system, modern open fit hearing aids have changed as well. Namely, modern models are placed inside the outer ear as well, but these devices have many holes through which air and sound can pass freely, avoiding blocking your hearing.

Benefits of Open Fit Hearing Aids

Firstly, the very fact that there is no blocking of the ear channel allows one to respond to higher frequencies better. Moreover, these devices are small and transparent, being practically invisible, especially the connecting tube which leaves the inside of your ear. This can help people stay confident and wear these hearing aids at all times.

These hearing aids are more expensive than the regular ones. Yet, this is reasonable since the mold needs to be specially made for every user, fitting his/her ear perfectly.

Finally, open fit hearing aids are made quicker and require less of your time spent waiting, getting to you in a shortest timespan possible, small, invisible, compact and excellent, with a specially designed system which prevents feedback and allows best sound amplification.

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