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Cell Phones and Health Danger

Since the very first cell phoneproduction, people have been suspecting that these devices, which we use on a regular basis, are potentially harmful to ourhealth. Namely, people fear that the electromagnetic radiation fromcell phones is capable of causing brain tumors, cancers and manyother health issues.

Recently, with the enormous growth ofthe cell phone industry during the last 5 years, people are becomingmore and more aware of the dangers of the kind of life we are living.Therefore, just as it is the case with alcoholic beverages andcigarettes, many people desire for warning labels to be placed onevery mobile phone produced, indicating that this device ispotentially dangerous for your health and that it may cause manydifferent illnesses.

Until this happens, however, let uslook further into the matter and try to shed some light on this ever-dwelling question ofwhether cell phones can truly kill you in the long run or not.

Lethal or Plain Useful?

Numerous researches have been conductedon the subject of the safety of cell phones. However, some quitediscouraging results have reached the surface. Namely, if you usecell phones actively for more than 10 years, you haveincreased chances of suffering from brain tumors.

Quite naturally, the cell phoneindustry begs to differ. Moreover, many cell phone companies havecarried out researches which all have shown that there are no healthdangers related to cell phone usage in the long run. In some tests,even 400,000 different people were participating.

Another dispute is caused by the question of the frequency on which these devices work. Namely, some claim that thissound, when played closely to our ears during our cell phone usage,can be dangerous and harmful. Again, the cell phone industry saysthat these frequencies are carefully controlled and regulated duringproduction guaranteeing the safety of all users. However, doctors andhealth experts claim how these things should not be standardized byengineers, but rather by medically experienced staff, which israrely the case.

Finally, we are left to be cautious,since the battle still rages on and there are no definite results to confirm the truth yet.Keep it safe, send text messages instead of calling whenever you can. Also, when you do make phonecalls, use headphones and handsfree items, keeping yourself protected fromradiation caused by the device.

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