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Calendula is a certain plant which has been used for numerous different types of medicinal and culinary purposes ever since the times of ancient Egypt. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted in order to find more about its therapeutic values. Calendula is a relative of another type of plant called garden marigold. This plant is also often referred to as Russian Penicillin, English marigold and pot marigold.

Calendula may come in very handy for the treatment of numerous skin related conditions and it has saved many lives during the wars, when the doctors often lacked proper equipment and medications so they had to rely on natural remedies. During WWI it was a very important item on the battlefields in France. It was also used for the treatment of numerous dangerous types of infections during WWII, so once again it was used to save a large number of lives. Numerous examples have shown that calendula may come in very handy when it comes to preventing the occurrence of infections, speeding up the healing process of different wounds and stopping the bleeding.

Home Use

Everyone can use calendula at home for different types of purposes. Those purposes are usually medicinal or culinary. Calendula oil is a very potent type of natural remedy which can be applied topically for the treatment of wounds, skin infections, scrapes, cuts, rashes, burns or any other similar skin related medical conditions. The sap drawn from the stem of the calendula flower’s petals can also be used as a substitute for the powerful calendula oil.

Calendula blossoms are often used for the garnishing of various different sorts of dishes. They are also an important ingredient in numerous salad and broth recipes. They can also come in very handy when it comes to coloring certain types of cheese. Calendula petals are often used as a substitute for saffron. The flavor is not completely the same, but calendula may be even more effective in providing a colorful effect.

In the Lab

The modern science has conducted numerous researches which have shown that calendula may come in very handy for all those who suffer from skin rashes, burns, cuts and even sunburns. The plant is very easy to grow at home and it also looks rather lovely. Calendula may also be of great help in the treatment of internal inflammatory conditions. It also has very potent antispasmodic properties. Calendula may also be of great help for all victims of cancer, but pregnant and breastfeeding women should steer clear of it.

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