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Hiatus hernia can be recognized by various symptoms, but signs that are indicative for this condition are pain behind the breast bone, problems in swallowing, heartburn and constant burping. Diaphragm is a muscle separating your chest from your stomach, and stomach belongs to your abdomen area and is underneath your diaphragm. Esophageal hiatus is a hole in your diaphragm. That hole is a place where your esophagus can move to your stomach. When a part of your stomach slips in your diaphragm, it presses your esophagus, and that condition is called hiatus hernia.

Hiatus hernia can be present at newborns, but more often, it is a result of activities in life that can cause diaphragm to lose its strength. Main causes for appearance of this problem are smoking, not enough sleep, gaining too much weight and emotional and physical stress.

In order to treat this condition, you should stop smoking, stop drinking coffee and alcohol, avoid eating unhealthy food be careful that the clothes that you are wearing is easy. In treating hiatus hernia, even massage can help, especially when, by using your hands, you find the end of your breast bone, and then put your fingers beneath the bone and push them gently down to the belly button. You have to be relaxed while doing this, and the massage should be repeated a few times daily. It is the best to do this twice a day. First time massage the belly in the morning, and second time before going to bed. While you are in the lying position, relax for five minutes and then drink a glass of water. After that, jump from a chair to the floor, because, when you have water in your stomach it increases your belly’s weight so while jumping, the part of the stomach that is dislocated upward will come down and release the pressure from esophagus.

When you are under stress or having some other negative feelings, your autonomic nervous system can recognize those feelings and it reacts. These reactions affect the functioning of all the vital organs in your body. The stress also disrupts the functions of your digestive tract, so, therefore, you should learn how to relax, master some of the relaxation techniques in order to lose the tension. You can even consult a specialist regarding these relaxation techniques. When you learn how to relax and shut down all the negative feelings, it will help you in healing hiatus hernia. Sometimes even only this can be enough in treating the problem.

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