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Even though people do not always have to experience problemsif they have hiatal hernia, in those who do develop some symptoms, heartburn isdefinitely the most common one. And since the treatment of this type of herniausually consists either of medications for the treatment of heartburn, or of thesurgery in cases in which the medications do not prove to be helpful, it is good toknow that there are some things that the person can do on their own in order torelieve this symptom. This primarily refers to some changes in the diet,because the food that a person consumes affects heartburn to a huge extent.

Diet tips that might help

The portions should be smaller and meals should be morefrequent, meaning that eating once or twice a day and having large meals isdefinitely not a smart thing for those who suffer from hiatal hernia.The last meal for a day should be at least two hours beforegoing to sleep, although it is recommended to eat even earlier.After each meal, a person should sit up for at least onehour and bending for any reason should be avoided during that time.There are certain foods known to trigger the main symptomsof hiatal hernia, and the person in question should be well informed about suchfoods, because the smartest thing is to avoid them.

Foods to avoid

Citrus fruits, particularly oranges and lemon, can trigger heartburnvery easily, although the same can be said for grapefruit as well. As for vegetables,potatoes and onions are at the top of the list of food items that should beavoided.Not all types of meat trigger heartburn, but additives that they tendto contain do, and it even includes spices. Steak and beef are definitely somethingthat should be avoided, even if they do not contain any additives. Instead, leanmeats and fish would be a good choice.When it comes to dairy products, they all contain acid to acertain extent, which is why their consumption needs to be limited andselective. Eliminating dairy products entirely is not a good idea, so it shouldnot be considered as an option.Alcohol also contributes to the intensity of heartburn, in anegative way, of course, which is why it should be avoided or even eliminated.

Sticking to these tips will certainly bring relief to aperson in question, and the need for medications will be reduced.

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