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What is hypothyroidism?

One type of the disorder in the work of thyroid gland is called hypothyroidism, and it means that the thyroid gland is underactive or inactive, that is, there is not enough secretion of the thyroid hormones. The opposite is the hyperthyroidism but these two disorders can have the same consequence of the apparition of the gout on the joints for example. And that is because not having enough iodine in the body and having excessive iodine lead to the same result.

Other than that, this hormone is tightly associated with the amount of cholesterol. So this condition should be treated right away after noticing it, so that the clogging of the blood vessels, due to the accumulation of cholesterol could be avoided.

The other problems that are likely to be felt during the deficiency of this hormone are the problems with concentration and memory, a depressive feeling, the sleeping problems, nausea, faintness, the dryness of the skin and hair, constipation, and missing the periods and fattening in the female population.

Herbal treatment

There are at least two good reasons why the patient should choose the treatment with herbs, concerning this condition; because some herbs are even more effective than the medications, and because the consumption of these natural medications isn’t followed with the side-effects. Since they are so effective, some doctors even prescribe the treatment with them which means that the herbs are already a part of the conventional treatment

Anyway, there are a lot of beneficial, but also a lot of harmful herbs for this condition. For example one should avoid ginseng, ginger, bamboo, lemon, burdock, astragalus and wheat grass, because they slow down the healing process. On the contrary the herbs like kelp and bladderwrack are very rich in iodine, and consequently, very beneficial in supplying the organism with enough of it.

Also, there are the herbs which stimulate the activeness of the thyroid gland and those are irish, guggul and ginseng. Black cohosh is the herb beneficial for dealing with the problems with periods in women, cayenne for improving the blood flow, and St. John’s Wort is very useful for treating the depressive moments.


A carefully balanced diet is a very important part of the healing process, too. It should, naturally include a lot of vegetables, shellfish and various sea-foods. The workout which is done on a regular, daily basis should be introduced into the plan of getting better.

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