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Depression is mental state characterized by negative feeling and opinions of one self and often go hand in hand with a lack of social behavior and activities. Depression can lasts for a short while or can be a chronic state affecting all of the part of life and being deeply rooted in the consciousness. The most common behaviors associated with depression are feelings of sadness and despair low self-esteem and discouragement. Depression is associated with anxiety and ADHD and can only be over come by support of the whole family, friends and loved ones.

Depression can occur as a consequence of a stressful event in a person's life and can be triggered by it in the future at any time. It is sometimes hard to associate the event and the onset of depression, because there can sometimes be no direct link between them. As depression affects the whole life of a person it is difficult to overcome but that can be done with certain steps. The depressed person is usually lacking in energy for even the basic and simple actions but accomplishing small but important victories is key to preparing yourself for more serious challenges and future obstacles. What one needs to accept and understand is that sadness is perfectly normal and that it is a part of life just as any other feeling.

There are many medications commonly used for treatment of depression and anxiety such as Cymbalta, Risperdal, cipralex, Serentil and many others. Anti-depressants take time to work and can have some side-effects like drynes of the mouth a sedative effect, some are not compatible with alcoholic beverages and whatever the risks, patients should be warned of the side effects and prepared for the fact that anti-depressants can produce effects after some time has passed. As there are so many alternatives the patient and doctor have much space to decide on the best available treatment depending on the personal characteristics and conditions.

Other techniques can be applied to aid the effects of medications and they are widely used. The person with depression should be accepted and treated equally, with complete understanding for the condition. Providing and enforcing daily routines is key to building up self-confidence and for the patients to understand they are able for accomplishments. As anxiety and depression go hand in hand they have to be treated together so that the person can finally be free of both.

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