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Arthritis ismedical condition known to affect one or several joints in the body. Theybecome inflamed and swollen and the patient usually experiences a lot of pain.Deformation of the joints is also not rare in arthritis patients.

One of the waysto treat this condition is to decrease present inflammation. Herbal remediesmight be of great help in this case, so patients may use: yucca, wild yam,feverfew or black cohosh to ease the inflammation and reduce the pain.Supplements containing evening primrose essential oil or fish oils are alsofound to be beneficial for arthritis patients. To deal with arthritis,naturopaths may also recommend vitamins A, B complex, C and E or minerals such as: chelated zinc, calcium or magnesium. Selenium, copper salycilate, bromelain,glucosamine and superoxide dismutase are also frequently advised to be used inthis medical condition.

Proper Food forArthritis Sufferers

Inflammation andpain which makes life miserable for most of arthritis patients can be easilytaken care of with the help of something we normally already eat every singleday. Food is discovered to be efficient way to reduce the pain so arthritispatient should take care of what they eat. Spices such asginger and cinnamon are well known anti-inflammatory agents. If you don’t liketheir taste or smell use supplements containing these herbs.

Some of ginger’sactive components are gingerols. These are substances which possesanti-inflammatory properties. Use of ginger in some controlled studies provedits efficacy. Patients experience less pain during the movement of joints affectedby arthritis and decreased swelling of the knees. Be carefulabout ginger if you are using blood thinners. Consult your doctor about theamount of ginger you can take safely, because this herb can also affect theviscosity of your blood.

Cinnamon isproven to have literally myriads of health benefits, including the use asarthritis supplement. Scientists have found out that cinnamon can inhibit therelease of inflammatory fatty acids. Because of this effect, arthritis patientsexperience much needed relief from the pain when they start to use this herb. Itmay look awkward to use cinnamon as a herbal supplement, but stay assured thatmany people in Indiause it for centuries as integral part of their traditional medicine.

Yellow and orangefruits and vegetables are rich in carotenoids. These substances provide thecolor but also have certain anti-inflammatory properties, making these fruitsand vegetables highly appreciated in arthritis patients.

Extra virginolive oil is proven to work in the same manner as some anti-inflammatory drugs(ibuprofen for example). It might not relieve the pain immediately, but taken over sometime, this oil should show the same results as ibuprofen. About 50 grams ofextra virgin olive oil posses 10% of the dose of ibuprofen for adult patients.

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