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High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a condition most often thought to be the most common among people. The mere fact that almost 90% of Americans develop this condition during lifetime serves as a proof. There are numerous types and levels of hypertension and, depending on those, the manifestations differ as well.

Description And Manifestation

The blood flowing through our veins and arteries is under constant pressure. Having that said, too much pressure on the arteries bring out the symptoms of hypertension and the high blood pressure. After a certain amount of time, years, that is, this pressure may cause serious problems. Small bumps may be created on the artery walls and there are possible dangers for the heart and other organs.

When it comes to reasons behind one's high blood pressure, there are many. First of all, those who have a history of this condition in their family are in danger themselves. Also, bear in mind that any male over the age of 45 is likely to develop a certain level of hypertension. Finally, malnutrition or obesity add on to the list of most frequent reasons, since a certain mineral or vitamin deficiency as well as excessive body weight and cholesterol are all causes.

Types of High Blood Pressure Affecting Males

Essential and secondary hypertension are the names of the two blood-pressure related conditions affecting the male population. The latter is connected to a dysfunctional organ in a males body, causing the hypertension. However, the first type, the essential hypertension has more reasons than one.

Causes of Essential Hypertension

This condition is influenced by many factors. Firstly, too much salt may cause it, thus one should limit their intake to 5.8 grams while some claim that even less should be the limit. Also, there is a condition manifesting through too thick arteries disallowing the blood to run properly. This illness goes hand in hand with the above mentioned genetics and obesity issues.

Means of Prevention

First and foremost, eat the right food the right way. Proper nutrition is crucial, so make sure you intake a sufficient amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and good cholesterol. Cut down on the salt and hi-fat products since these can only do you harm. Also avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Rather, drink in moderation. It goes without saying that cigarettes do not help at all. What does help greatly is body exercising and leading an active life. However, if that fails, there are always medications you may get prescriptions for. These are excellent in regulating your blood pressure which slows down your heart and prevents your arteries to become stiff.

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