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About Crohn's disease:

Crohn’s disease in an chronic autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of digestive tract. It can affect any part of digestive tract. The reasons for developing Crohn’s disease are yet unknown, but some of studies may be closer to the solution than others. This disease occurs when immune system attacks the tissue of digestive tract. There is no real progress in curing this condition in the last 40 years. Some studies claim that Crohn’s disease might have a genetic cause, while others claim that the cause might be bacteria which can be found in cow's milk.

Using diet in treating Crohn’s disease:

When you are suffering Crohn’s disease, maybe the main component of your treatment is diet. Since this condition is related to inflammation of your digestive tract, it is necessary to begin controlling your food intake and to feed as your doctor advised you. During one of many experiments, the patients were put on a strict diet (which included breaking the food down to it's basic components such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc...) and their condition improved rapidly. These studies, in their later stages, discovered that the patients put on diet free of yeast, gluten and dairy, felt much better and their symptoms became milder. This discovery led to conclusion, which was later confirmed, that many patients have antibodies directed toward some sorts of yeast (brewer's and baker's), and now, the presence of these antibodies is used for diagnosing the Crohn’s disease. Some scientists disagree with this theory.

Using herbs in treating Crohn’s disease:

Since Crohn’s disease attacks digestive tract of human being, it is proven that some kind of diets can suppress symptoms of the disease and make the patient feel much better. One of the possible solutions for treating, or, at least, improving the condition, is using the herb called boswellia. This herb's extract is safe to use and efficient, and, when compared to mesalazine (usual protocol in treating Crohn’s), in a 8-week blind study, it showed much better results, reducing disease activity index much more than mesazaline. The other herbs that might help in treating Crohn’s disease by reducing pathogenic bacteria are garlic, golden seal and essential oils extracted from oregano and anise. You can use crushed garlic cloves or a powder made of dehidrated garlic. These will rebuild and improve your bowel flora very much. The other herb that might be used for this purpose is Echinacea.

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