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Crohn’s Disease-an Inflammatory Disease

Crohn’s disease is a kind of bowel condition caused by inflammation, which spreads discomfort and an overall feeling of exhaustion. The part of the body that suffers the most due to Crohn’s disease is the small intestine, while the symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain and skipped stool. Crohn’s disease permanently makes intestines denser and if it spreads to other organs it can lead to serious medical complications which require more time and care to optimize the functionality of the intestines. Some of the problems caused by this condition include anemia, and internal bleeding, which will be evident in the stool. Crohn’s disease varies in intensity, often attacks the younger population and may lead to the person infected to lose weight. In addition, there is a strict regimen that a patient should follow in order to get better and avoid the unnecessary complications. For instance, resting is often recommended, coupled with light physical exercise, to stimulate bowl movement and help in reducing discomfort. Also, hot air helps decrease the effects of the disease, so spending some time in a sauna is also highly beneficial. Further, taking drugs to relieve the symptoms can be counterproductive as they can overwhelm the system more so than they can lower the effects of Crohn’s disease and they should in general be avoided unless specifically prescribed by a medical care provider. Consequently, proper food intake plays a major role in dealing with this problem. Only foods enriched by fibre, such as fresh food, are acceptable. Moreover, fish can also help as it is important to take omega -3 and -6 acids, and in general try and restore the amount of nutrients in the organism destroyed by the Crohn’s. Finally, only when the good bacteria are able to bring back the optimal functionality of the intestines will the person go back to normal.

Herbal Medications That Can Help Fight Crohn’s Disease

There are many remedies that can be found in nature that have proven to be highly beneficial in reducing the symptoms caused by Crohn’s. For instance, various types of herbal teas will relieve the bloating and help the person feel better. Chamomile tea is known to have positive effects when it comes to reducing the symptoms of Crohn’s. As well, ginger and peppermint tea are composed of elements that aid in stomach pain and discomfort. When taking herbal tea, it is recommended that a patient takes 3 cups, paired with a couple of capsules of herbs and top it off with 20 drops of horsetail tincture at the most to produce the best results.

Cramps in Intestines Need to be Controlled

As part of their normal everyday functioning, human intestines constantly move in a balanced kind of contraction, which produces no sensation when everything is normal. However, when intestines are working under some kind of pressure or problem, these contractions are felt as very uncomfortable, painful and distracting cramps. Intestinal cramps are a very common occurrence that almost everyone is familiar with. Most of the time, it is either caused by stress, injury, or an underlying medical condition that manifests itself though putting pressure on the intestines.The Most Common Causes of Intestinal Cramps

There are many health problems that will manifest themselves through intestinal cramps. For instance, constipation is a very widespread cause of intestinal cramps. Constipation occurs when the body does not discharge feces as regularly as needed, which in turn causes the overloaded intestines to contract with difficulty, resulting in very uncomfortable cramps. Another kind of cause is consuming food or water that has been desecrated with worm eggs, or similar kinds of parasites, which will inevitably result in intestinal problems, followed by loose bowel, exhaustion, and so on. Furthermore, a medical disorder called green stool, which is a very quick movement of the feces through intestines, is also a common cause of intestinal cramps. Green stool may be a side effect of some type of drug a person is taking to treat an unrelated illness, or could be caused by an excess amount of adverse bacteria ingested through bad food. In addition, a person who is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome is definitely prone to intestinal cramps. Finally, Crohn’s disease is another known medical condition that is manifested through very uncomfortable pain in the abdomen.

Treatment Options for Intestinal Cramps

Depending on the underlying cause of intestinal cramps, a medical professional will decide on the appropriate course of treatment. For instance, if the cramps are caused by Crohn’s disease the person will be prescribed medications to reduce the inflammation. If the individual is suffering from constant constipation, the only course of treatment is to change the daily food intake and include more physical activities. Finally, if the cause of intestinal cramps is an ingestion of food contaminated with parasites, than drugs designed against parasites will be used.

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