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Bad breath is a problem for some people. Some fight it with chewing gum, some do not speak much, but mostly people are not aware of it and this might cause a lot of discomfort for people in their physical vicinity. So, what causes bad breath and how to deal with it?


Food is something we cannot live without and something we consume it each and every day. First part of the digestive tract that the food enters is mouth. Teeth are used for chewing the food and cutting it in smaller parts so that it can travel further. Food also gets soaked with saliva, which makes it soft and easily processed in the next part of the digestive tract. But the problem is that not all particles of food leave mouth. This is why most of people drink something after eating (water is recommended), but that does not flush down food particles that are stuck between the teeth. For those particles, brushing the teeth must be done. Actually, dentists recommend this to be done each time after eating, if possible. Toothbrush should be a quality one, and this also goes for the toothpaste. Toothbrush hair must not be too soft or too sharp. Also, brushing must be done properly or it won’t have the wanted effect. This means that performed motion should be from up to down. Then the brush is positioned up again (without touching the teeth) for going down again. Also, gum should be included in this brushing because they have to be cleaned and washed too. Gum are also important because there are several medical conditions that might affect them and some of them might lead to weakening of the teeth roots. By eliminating all food from mouth, people avoid risk of food rotting in the mouth, which is the cause of bad breath but also caries.


Caries is a major problem for all teeth, because it eats them away, leaving only black, decayed parts, which smell badly. For this situation, seeing a dentist is the only possible solution. Fixing the tooth is done by cutting outing out the infected part and replacing it with filling. There are also some other things that might cause bad breath. Those are certain medical problems with next part of the digestive tract, stomach. This is where further processing of food happens, and if for some reason food starts returning up, it unfortunately, also has a bad smell. Eliminating a medical condition that causes this problem should also eliminate the bad breath.

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