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The fact is that, when a person is trying to get rid of that excessive weight,he/she will go through just about anything if this has a label “loss” on it.What these people fail to see is that methods for loosing additionalweight such as diet pills can as a matter of fact be far more dangerous anddamaging to the person’s body than they can actually be useful and effective.If we take the greatest majority of those over-the-counter medicines for example, then wewill realize that all they are is just different variations of one and the samething, i.e. substance and ingredients, which are characterized by appetite suppressing potentials on one hand, or on the other hand, with the ability toboost the overall functioning of one’s metabolism.

Studiesinto safety

Thesafety level of the pills in question has been tested in numerous researchstudies. One of them involved ten adults of satisfactory health who were askedto take Xenadrine EFX, Advantra Z, as well as placebo, and to do so on threeparticular periods. After this has been done, what was put to test and measuredwere the responses cardiovascular in nature in comparison to the overalleffects of the drugs on the people in question. Results revealed the following: first in line, Xenadrine brought about an increase in blood pressure byastonishing 9-10 pts in comparison to placebo, whereas Advantra, on the other hand, exhibited no such effects.

Whatis extremely concerning is the fact that, even though such effects as mentionedabove are known and are more than harmful for person’s overall health, thecompanies producing diet pills still imprint the “safe” label on each and everypackage, adding the so-called herbal origin to gain on credibility and appeal.As a matter of fact, pills such as these have the ability to induce situationsthat can be life-threatening, especially for those people who already sufferfrom some other health condition, such as elevated blood pressure levels andimproper cardiovascular fitness. There is also quite a number of doctors who tend to prescribe the use of these pills to those people who are excessivelyfat and thus are at a great risk of developing numerous other health-threatening conditions. Also, there are plenty of people today who employanti-depressants, various appetite suppressants and anti-seizure pills, butsomehow are able to lead fairly normal lives. But even though this may applyfor a minority of people, due to the possible grave effects, many doctors rightfullyrefuse to prescribe diet pills to such people.

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