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These specific bacteria are quitecommonly found in yoghurt, but this is not the only place where they reside. They can also be naturally found in the body itself. When it comes totheir nature in general, what needs to be pointed out is that they belong to thecategory of those probiotic, i.e. friendly bacteria that are quite helpful inpromoting digestion. Aside from yoghurt, other food sources that are known to containthe bacteria in question are Psyllium, kefir and sauerkraut. In case one is notso keen on making these food varieties an essential part of his/her every daydiet, it can also be found in the form of pills.


Once these bacteria are consumedand they find themselves inside the person’s body, they start performing thefunction of probiotics. Their primary role is to replace and/or compensate forthe, otherwise naturally occurring acidophilus bacteria (produce vitamin K andlactose). The pills are recommended and given to a person in case s/he decidesthat s/he does not want to incorporate such food varieties as yogurt,sauerkraut and other varieties rich in these bacteria, in their everyday diet.The pills in question are also known as the acidophilus supplements or tablets.


The bacteria in question belong tothe category of bacteria that are vital for facilitation of the correctdigestion of the foods that a person consumes on a daily basis. In case there is alack of these bacteria, there occurs digestion related difficulties, as well asimproper functioning of the person’s immune system. The supplement themselves areof freeze-dried variety and can be quite easily acquired either as a tablet oras a capsule. Given the fact that there exist different types of pills containing different quantities of the bacteria in question, the proper dosage completelydepends on that and varies to a certain extent. The benefits, as already mentioned,are plentiful. Some of the most important ones include providing relief in case of vaginal infections, warding off and remedying any digestion relatedissues like diarrhea, as well as boost ones immune system to a great extent.However, one word of precaution in case a person is suffering from some kindof intestinal damage or weakened immune system, as well as from buildup of intestinalbacteria, refers to the fact that one should avoid taking these pills on his/her own at all cost. Mostimportant is to consult a doctor first.

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