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“Shady” trends

Given the fact that we live in time that is dominated by trends, in a way each sphere of life is affected by them, some more than others. One of them is also medicine, or to be more precise, alternative medicine that has become central when it comes to fads. In order to avoid being taken in by these trends, it is extremely important to inform and gather all the necessary information, prior to embarking on a herbal treatment therapy, or simply a diet programme that is based on all-natural food.

Every day we hear of new varieties of herbs from all around the world, and about their immense healing and health beneficial potentials that, once a person buys them, promise to do wonders with whichever problem that a person may have at the moment. Claims are that certain products, herbal in origin, are so beneficial that they hold the ability to rejuvenate you and even treat some of the most severe illnesses such as cancer.

Acai berries

An extremely good example are, increasingly popular, acai berries, which are believed and said to have the potential to aid a person in his/her attempt to lose weight with the greatest of success. Whether, they are in a form of juice or tablet supplements, many vouch for their effect. The main difficulty is that so far there has just not been a significant number of research studies to confirm this. On the other hand, the limited number of studies and tests that have been performed indicates that they might be highly effective in bringing cholesterol levels in proper balance. Other upsides include antioxidant properties, with no toxic side effects. But one thing to bear in mind is that it does not go well with certain drugs used in the process of chemotherapy.


It is another in the line of extremely widespread herbs, which is popular because of its weight loss properties. But when it comes to its overall safe side, this is a bit difficult to determine with precision given the fact that certain people claim it is completely safe, whereas others point out to its dangerous side. The herb itself is employed as an anti-craving means, as well as a thirst suppressant. This immediately implies its probable negative side effects when a person finds him/herself in hot weather, and under substantial exertion.


This food fad is considered to be one of the ancients. One of its most praised benefits is that it has in it estrogens, which are helpful and beneficial for certain number of people, but on the other hand, those people who might be at risk of suffering from cancer directly related to various hormone related conditions, this can present quite a significant factor that can increase the risk substantially.

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