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The accumulated toxins in the body may be verydangerous since they usually cause serious health conditions, so occasionaldetoxification of the body is necessary in order to stay healthy. The toxinsreach our body through the air, food or water, and the body ejects them, as wellas the waste via stools, urine and sweat. The intestines, kidneys and liver, aswell as the skin, are the organs that participate in the process of removing thewastes and toxins from our body.

However, the body needs some help in order to removeall harmful substances and therefore, the market is full of various productsmade for the purpose of detoxification. These products are various kinds of detox foodor detox supplements, but there are also detox pads that are claimed to be veryeffective when detoxification of the body is in question. However, whilesome products make results, there are also those that are not effective at all. Thedetox foot pads appeared recently on the market and many people who want todetox their body want to know if the detox foot pads really work.

Detox foot pads

The manufacturers of the detox foot pads claim that theyare very good at ejecting the toxins out of body but that they are also good atrelieving the symptoms of some health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, pain inthe joints, tiredness, migraine and insomnia. The detoxification of the bodycan be achieved with the foot pads if they are applied to the feet every nightwhen sleeping. The manufacturers usually recommend that one foot pad should beapplied just on one foot all the day continuously for a month, and then it should be used occasionally.

The detox foot pads are made of various herbs,tourmaline and bamboo vinegar, and these ingredients are effective when combinedwith reflexology, which refers to the connection of some spots on the foot withcertain parts of the body. So, when a spot on the foot is pressed, it stimulatesthe corresponding part, thus promoting the detoxification process.

Does it really work?

However, it is not simple to answer the questionif they are really working because they have appeared only recently and there is no scientificevidence that sates its benefits or its side effects. Thus, we canfind the people who claim that they are satisfied with this detoxificationproduct, but there are also many detox foot pads that are just the scams.

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