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Introduction and General Data

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that features with improper structure of the bones which are more prone to fractures than healthy bones. The bones of these people are fragile and even the slightest pressure can lead to severe fracture.

Elderly people, particularly women are affected by osteoporosis. Some say that hormonal imbalance that occurs in menopause is the leading cause of osteoporosis. Others believe that insufficient intake of calcium in childhood and young adulthood can in later life result in osteoporosis. Still, there are even hypotheses that the lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as reduced physical activity can be additional causes of this serious condition. No matter what the cause is this condition is partially disabling and it can lead to real handicap if some of the bones are broken. This especially refers to vertebrae since the fracture of these bones can lead to damage of the spine and potential paralysis. Apart from the spine, hip bones as well as wrists are affected most.

People who are fighting this horrible condition can apart from standard treatment try some of the numerous natural cures. But before they decide which of the remedies to take they should consult their doctors.

Natural Cure for Osteoporosis

Patients who are suffering from osteoporosis are supposed to change their dietary regimes. They should start with raw juice diet and stick to it for about four days. The juices are supposed to be made from fresh fruit and vegetables. They are diluted with an equal amount of water. It is best if the juices are taken every two hours. There is a variety of fruit that can be used. Lemon, papaya and orange are only some of them. As for vegetables carrots, green leafy vegetables and red beet are recommended. Apart from juicing one may even additionally perform cleansing of the large intestines with a warm water enema.

After initial four days a patient can continue with a diet that contains a lot of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. The minerals are of the greatest importance for patients who are suffering from osteoporosis. Even milk and dairy products can be consumed as they provide with a lot of calcium. Calcium is not the only mineral that has to be taken in proper amounts. Magnesium, potassium as well as silicon are equally important and the proper amount of these minerals can be taken if one is consuming carrots, green leafy vegetables, some fruit and berries. Sunflower and sesame seeds contain plenty of necessary minerals. Pineapple is highly recommendable as it is abundant in manganese, one of the very important minerals for osteoporosis.

Lactic acid can be obtained from barley, millet, oats, and rice. Sour milk products are equally good source of lactic acid.

Physical activities are allowed up to certain extent and the doctor will decide on whether the patient can expose him/ herself to physical strain.

And finally tea, coffee, white sugar and white flour products as well as refined foods need to be eliminated from the diet.

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