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It is very important for every woman to use a good and healthy diet in order to stay healthy and capable of performing many obligations throughout the day. Furthermore, it is also necessary if a woman wants to look beautiful and if she wants to be in good condition.

Best diet supplements for women

Calcium is one of the most important supplements for women. Up to thirty-five years of age, calcium has the role to strengthen hair. After that, calcium serves to slow down the bone loss. Calcium is also important for women, because it reduces the symptoms during menstruation, and helps in lowering high blood pressure. It is important for women to take a thousand milligrams of calcium a day before they reach 35, and up to 1500 milligrams of calcium a day after 35 years of age, because it is the dose required to maintain the strength of bones.

Furthermore, vitamin D3 is important because it can prevent the occurrence of some diseases in women, such as breast cancer or osteoporosis, but also type 1 diabetes. Moreover, it prevents cardiovascular problems and has an important role in the protection of multiple sclerosis. The women in the northern regions must take the larger amounts of this vitamin, since they are at risk of developing some of these diseases, because of the less exposure to the sun.

Anemia is the result of a lack of iron. Iron is important for women because it is effective for metabolism and gives energy to enzymes. Women before menopause, as well as pregnant women, have the greatest need for iron. Pregnant women need iron in order to enhance the delivery and volume blood during pregnancy. Women should take 20 milligrams of iron daily, while pregnant women need to increase the dose to 27 milligrams a day.

Essential fatty acids like gamma-linolenic may help to reduce some of the burning processes in the body of women. The level of essential fatty acids can be best increased if women used evening primrose oil, or Black Currant and Borage seed oil. Women who suffer from postmenstrual syndrome experience great irritability and it is proven that it is caused by reduced levels of gamma-linolenic acid. Simple use of GLA oils can increase that level. Women need a daily dose of 3 to 5 grams of oil.

Vitex is a plant which dates back to the old time. Women use it to ease symptoms of postmenstrual syndrome. However, in the majority of cases it is used to solve the problems of infertility. Pregnant women should not take Vitex, while the others need to use it for a longer period in order to establish a balance of hormones. Daily dose is 30 to 40 milligrams.

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