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In 2008 a survey about motherhood was conducted "The New Demography of American Motherhood". The research reports that one baby in seven is born to a mother that is older than 35, she is educated and still not married. Wise and independent mother? What is the word coming to? Demographic research reports that 10% of new moms are teenagers and 14% of them are 35 years old or older.

Comparing the data to a research that was conducted 10 years ago teenage mothers accounted for more births than women who were at least 35 years old. Now days almost 55% of new moms has some college education, while 20 years ago only 40% of new moms had some college education, and the data also reports that more than 70% of new moms that are older than 35 had logged at least some time in college. Additionally, 10 years ago less than 28% new mothers were unmarried, but 2 years ago the situation was different. More than 40% of new mothers haven't put a ring on yet. I really wonder what the situation is today?

There are several reasons why women decide to have children later in life, and one of the reasons could definitely be carrier and managing financial situation. Additionally, there is a rising number of mothers above 35 because there are fertility treatments that enable relatively safe conception of a baby. Moreover, a stigma that was linked to older mothers is no longer as strong as it used to be.

According to the report, US residents have become much more tolerating of the rising number of mothers who give birth at the age of 35 and even later in 40ties. Americans are also far more accepting of the growing number of women who undergo fertility treatment in order to have a baby. This study suggests another link between woman s age and her education which actually seems quite logical and intuitive: the more education woman has, the more she is likely to postpone motherhood and the more likely is she is going to marry later in life.

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