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Prevention and treatment of flu in children

Kids are a lot more prone to suffering from various ailments and it is not different with flu. There are lots of reasons why that is so and a weaker immune system is only one of them. Children are also a lot more exposed to germs that older people. There are a lot of ways a child can get germs into his or her system. The most common ways are by sharing toys with other children, putting things into their mouths and rubbing their faces with dirty hands. Due to that fact, there are a lot of children who suffer from the flu in the school and day care centers when autumn and especially winter come. A lot of children in one place equal easily transmitted flu or cold. This is another reason why it is a lot harder for parents to prevent their children from getting the flu or cold. However, parents need to know that it can be done and that they can protect their children from the flu and cold.

Tips on prevention of flu in children

It is not hard to teach the children to cover their nose and mouth with hand or tissue when they sneeze or cough. This is one of the best ways to prevent the flu from spreading. It is also that children throw the tissue after that. Washing the hands is also important, especially after children get in from outside and before meals. Children need to understand that they need to use soap as well. Telling the children not to touch their eyes or mouth with their hands because those are the easiest ways to get the germs into the system. Reminding the kids about that fact is also important because kids tend to forget. If the child is sick, parents should not send him or her to school. This way they will prevent the virus from spreading. Getting the children vaccinated is important as well.

Treatment of flu in children

If the symptoms of flu are seen in the first 48 hours parents need to take the child to the hospital in order for the child to be prescribed with an antiviral flu medication, such as Relenza. The 48 hour period is important because the medication will only work in that period. A child should drink a lot of fluids in order not to get dehydrated. Rest is important so children need to rest a lot during the time they are sick.

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