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The weight-lossindustry is very popular and widespread today, since many people have problemswith obesity. Obesity has bad effects on the health of each man who is overweight.The weight-loss industry uses this fact and promotes some products for losing weightalthough they are not as effective as they say.

Consumers mustknow that many advertisements are not true and that there are many false claims.We must keep in mind that one person cannot lose one pound a day.

Secondly, thediets that are consisted of one kind of foods are unhealthy, although theywould suggest grapefruit diet, cabbage diet and the most popular cookie diets.The food that we are taking in must be various because we must consume differentvitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers. The industry fosters these diets as a keyfor losing kilograms, although it is important to know that these diets do notcontain some special substances but they are only about the restriction ofcalories. We will lose weight only if we reduce the amount of calories whateverwe eat.

These diets arenot as harmful as various diet pills and drugs are. The weight-loss industry hasthese pills in the market although they cause different and serious side effectssuch as dizziness, blood pressure and they can be very harmful for the liver.

It is alsoimportant to know that the weight-loss fosterers do not always have thequalified nutritionist who would promote such products. Instead they use formerclients as the counselors. They also tell that we will cut our costs because willnot have needs for plenty of foods, although these products are extremelyexpensive.

The parents mustbe aware and introduced with the fact that, on no condition, should they sendtheir children to different camps for losing weight because they are veryrigorous there.

The teenagersmust know that there are long-range effects on their health if they choose toundergo any kind of surgery in order to get rid of fat. The popular operation is toreroute the part of intestine in order to absorb fewer calories. The secondwell-know surgery is gastric bypass. The consumersmust also keep in mind that the weight-loss industry usually does not give thetrue list of ingredients on the labels, in order to sell the products theypromote.

All of these are only some of the reasons why we must be awarethat we cannot trust the weight-loss industry and their products.

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