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In certain regions of the world, like Asia, mangosteen is a fruit popular among health workers. This fruit, also popular by the name queen of all fruits, has amazing taste and many health benefits, so we do not have to be surprised to see many supplements in the market having this fruit as an ingredient. Health of an individual can be improved by consumption of this fruit, which has antioxidant abilities. Since this fruit comes from Asia, it is hard to transport it and its benefits would be lost along the way, which is why the best choice when benefits of this fruit are concerned are pills.


This is a Thai fruit which can be found in the countries of West Indies during the period from April to September, which is the raining season period. This fruit is a part of the Guttiferae family and it is nothing like the mango fruit, although some may think otherwise due to the name mangosteen. Mangosteen is grown in just several areas of the world because it requires specific soil. Thailand is a country with the most mangosteen plantations, which make up almost 9000 hectares of land. This delicious fruit is also grown in Honduras, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries. This tree has round and bright purple fruits, which weight from 80-200g and are between 6 and 9cm in diameter.

Also, mangosteen fruit has 5mm thick and dense peel, which is 33% of the fruit. The visual appearance of the mangosteen tree is improved by the beautiful dark green leaves. In order to remove the peel, never use your teeth, but a knife. Just split it in half and the juicy and creamy cloves will be exposed to you. They have astringent, sweet and oily taste and in one fruit, you may find from 5 to 8 cloves. Be careful when eating this fruit and avoid dark pits. We have to say this because when you start eating the fruit, you will be mesmerized by its delicious flavor. Compotes, fruit salads and many other things are made with mangosteen. If the pulp of the mangosteen is sticky, bad smelling and dark-yellowish, do not eat it because it is spoiled. This is one of the common problems with this fruit.


Seed and peel are used for the production of the mangosteen pills, which provide the benefits of the fruit. Antioxidant abilities of the fruit exist due to the presence of xanthones, which has antibacterial properties and can fight oncological problems. Thrombosis, hypertension and heart diseases are just some of the problems on which mangosteen has beneficial effect. If you get mangosteen pills, you will save a lot of money and consume the nutrients you require.

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