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Onion and garlic have natural chemicals which help in treating infections in human body. People have known from ancient times that garlic and onion heal and prevent diseases. They help us fight against infections.

Scientific studies showed that garlic and onion should be consumed every day and we will have great health benefits of them. Garlic and onion causes our bad breath and even in that case we should not give up on them. We should not avoid these foods because of the odor and we can add them in meals. Only if you have a date or important meetings do not eat garlic or onion.

Garlic and onions contain natural chemicals which will help you to deal with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancers and diabetes.

Diets which use garlic can help you to low your bad cholesterol in the blood called LDL. At the same time garlic helps you to raise your good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. Garlic helps in producing blood cells called leukocytes. They are natural killers which fight against foreign organisms. This means that garlic improves immune system, so that human body can easier fight against infections as well as lethal tumors. Garlic is good for people who have high blood pressure because garlic lowers it. Garlic reduces risk of developing blood clots. Blood clots cause stroke and heart attacks.

The health benefits of garlic are its ability to fight against viruses and many kinds of bacteria. Garlic prevents infections and decreases risk of developing different types of cancers, especially cancers of the stomach. Garlic keeps its best properties if you eat it in raw state. You can eat its slices, you can cut it up or eat garlic chopped. Cooked garlic, especially for long time or on high temperatures loses its healing properties. Cooking destroys one of its important components called allicilin. Allicilin is natural chemical which gives to garlic healing properties.

Onions as well as garlic have many health benefits. Onions regulate blood levels of bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Also, onions are the best if you eat them in their raw state. Onions, like garlic, decreases risk of developing blood clots. Also, onion fights against viruses and bacteria and they prevent and heal infections. Onions can help in preventing diabetes development.

Onions can help in decreasing risk of developing different types of cancers. Onion contain component called quercetin. It is very powerful compound and can fight against cancers. Quercetin is great antioxidant.

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