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About depression
Depression is an illness which affects the person’s mood andthoughts, leaving consequences on one’s eating and sleeping habits, and evenresulting in a number of the physical disorders from time to time. As for thecourse of depression, there is no generalizing. Each person experiences it intheir own individual way, depending on the causes which lead to such a state.

Usually, depression is treated with antidepressants,particularly Prozac, but over the years, they have been proven to have numerousside effects. Also, the antidepressants do nothing to treat the conditionitself, but they simply ease its symptoms. Therefore, there is growing tendencyof patients to find more natural solutions to make them feel better whiledealing with the condition. And the thing that many experts suggest is food.

The connection between food and depression

Although treating the symptoms of depression with foodsounds like an unfamiliar ground, and even a little too risky, it might just beworth the shot.

When trying to test the fact just how essential food reallyis, many studies were based on observing what kind of an effect the lack of itproduced. Some studies even went so far as to observe the former prisoners ofconcentration camps and what starvation has done to them. Experts triedcomparing the soldiers who had access to food to those who were imprisoned andsent to concentration camps and who barely made it through alive. The latterones were usually left with some chronic physical consequences, as well assevere depression.

As for the way in which their condition was to be kept inorder, it was with very large amounts of vitamins which they required toconsume daily through proper foods. This is just one of the examples in whichdepression was proven to result from starvation, and the relief was broughtabout by appropriate foods, but there are many of them. However, that does notmean that all those cases in which depression did not result from the lack offood cannot be treated with it as well, just the opposite. Food turned out tobe just as effective.

Treating depression with certain foods

Many people will probably think that treating depressionwith food means eating things like chocolate, or anything else containingendorphins, sugar or similar elements, as they are known to be those whichfeelings of happiness and general welfare. And even though they do have such aneffect, one cannot live on chocolate for the sake of curing depression. The wayto allow the food to have a positive effect on depression is to visit a nutritionistwho will help every individual make their own well-balanced, healthy dietplan, filled with vitamins, particularly vitamin B, as well as magnesium andfatty acids.

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