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Almost everyone during winter due to reduced physical activity toss a few excess pounds. Spring is the perfect buffer zone for losing these kilograms and preparing the body for summer. Gym always comes to mind, but there is nothing finer than hiking on the fresh spring air through beautiful nature landscapes. Hiking is for nature lovers who are not so prone to intense exercise. Although hiking is not too demanding physical activity that still burn calories and increase fitness.

In addition of providing enjoyment in natural beauty, hiking increases socialization, because it is dangerous to go alone in this kind of adventure. Therefore, hiking is mostly group recreation that encourages socializing and entertainment. A group of friends who prefers this kind of recreation can talk have fun and increase their physical fitness while enjoying the benefits of clean air and nature. From this can easily conclude that hiking in all respects is better than the gym.

Like any physical activity hiking requires certain equipment too. At first, before starting to master the steep terrain it is recommended to get walking stick. It makes navigating the rugged terrain easier increasing the efficiency of this type of training. When choosing a walking stick the most attention should be paid to its lightness and durability. Sticks made of high-modular carbon - Leki Carbonlite Pole meet both of these conditions not costing too much. In addition, these poles use antishock therapy, which means reduced pressure on the wrists, ligaments and muscles.

Although spring temperatures generally do not require wearing a jacket, the higher altitude means lower temperatures, which demand another part of the equipment - hiking jacket. They are specially designed to protect hikers from the cold, wind and rain and also provide ventilation so the body would not have remained wet due to sweating. These jackets are generally made of specialized polyester.

The most important part of hiking equipment is shoes. Not so long ago the shoes for hiking looked really unattractive - bumpy and with endless laces. Given that hiking has recently become a very popular form of recreation, the previously described highly impractical boots were replaced with shoes without laces that are easy for putting on. In addition, possibility to unlace during hiking is eliminated. Previously, these shoes was designed just for children, but due to the increased popularity of hiking Velcro hiking walking shoes are adapted to adults intending to facilitate their putting on and off.

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