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Running injuries, or injuries caused by running, are very common, mostly due to the repetitive nature of this activity. The body works on a closed chain system during running. The structures that are involved in this activity are not simple and they depend on every part of the chain to work properly. Naturally, if there is something wrong anywhere along the chain, injuries are possible.

Causes o running injuries

The causes of running injuries can be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic causes are related to the body and extrinsic causes are related to outside factors.

Preventing running injuries means learning about both intrinsic and extrinsic factors and making sure to avoid them.

Prevention of running injuries- intrinsic factors

Intrinsic factors come from the body itself. Each person has his or her own mechanics and some people have certain faults or abnormalities that make them more prone to injuries.

The most common intrinsic factors are collapsing and overpronating feet that cause the leg to turn in and put pressure on different parts of the leg. The best way of prevention against this form of running injury is to use stability trainers or special running shoes that support the feet and keep it at normal position while running.

Other injuries, such as those resulting from squinting patella and hips and knees that turn are also common, especially in women. These problems can usually be solved through physical therapy and rehabilitation programs.

Of course, proper stretching before running is usually the best way of prevention against all kinds of running injuries. Hip flexor stretches, calf stretchers and spinal mobility exercises.

Prevention of running injuries-extrinsic factors

Sometimes the cause of a running injury lies outside of the body. Most commonly, this involves the shoes. Not all sport shoes or sneakers are suitable for running. Running shoes are not a commercial bluff, they actually play a very important role in prevention of injuries related to running and similar activities. The should be bought in specialized stores where clerks are well-informed about the anatomy of the structures used for running and are able to recommend perfect running shoes for each individual.

In addition, the mileage, the intensity and the terrain used for running are also very important. It is very dangerous to start running long distances all of a sudden and instead it is recommended to increase the distance gradually and over time. The route is also important. Changing the route suddenly, for example from grass to pavement or from flat to hilly can stress the body and increase the chance of an injury.

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