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Heart Conditions

If anyone of your close relatives suffers from heart disease, you are prone to be affected as well. But the risk can be significantly reduced if you keep healthy life style that will maintain your proper heart function.

In the past year, more than 800,000 American population died due to different heart diseases and cardiac arrest. Many of these outcomes may have been prevented by following advices that guard heart.

Nutrition for Healthy HeartThere are various published studies and books offering best diet for keeping healthy heart. They are often contradicting one another and people are confused.

Guidelines of American Heart Association are given by experts in this field and are very easy to follow. They should be taken into account if you want to prevent heart conditions. These guidelines refer to preferable food and consist of 5 steps: 1) fish should be on the menu at least twice a week, 2) plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fiber should be consumed daily, 3) limited amount of fats particularly saturated fats (when available, fat free products ) should be your choice, 4) avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, 5) salt intake must be reduced.

Perfect meal would consist of one quarter proteins (such as legumes), one quarter fish or low fat meat and half veggies.

Step by Step to Healthy Heart

Smoking is damaging to your overall health. To minimize cigarette cravings take sunflower seed and oat straw infusion every day for month and a half before you give up smoking. This will strengthen your veins and arteries and reduce withdrawal difficulties.Love and be loved. It is proven that love has impact on heart. Seaweed is beneficial since it balances blood pressure and levels of cholesterols, triglycerides, phospholipids. It eliminates fats built in veins and arteries and is generally good for the heart.Include plenty of beta-carotenes in your diet. Rich sources of beta-carotenes are carrots, cabbage, green salads, apricots and seaweed. These foods reduce the risk of stroke significantly. Garlic is well known for its ability to lower the blood pressure but it also enhances heart function, eliminates cholesterol, boosts immune system and balances the level of blood sugar. Garlic should be eaten raw on a daily basis.Essential fatty oils can be found in fresh pressed oils and various seeds and nuts. Lemon balm tea is recommended to drink every day. It is very beneficial to heart. Lemon balm vinegar can be part of salad dressing as well.Physical activity is necessity if you want to keep your heart in good shape. Walking, swimming and regular exercise should be part of your daily routine. Restrictive diets cause oscillation in heart functions which can be very dangerous.Eat plenty of all sorts of vegetables, fruits, fish, seeds and whole grains. Avoid chocolate, cheese and alcohol.

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