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Goji is a sort of a berry which grows in the Himalayas. The people living in this mountain range have been using this plant for 3000 years because of its numerous beneficial characteristics. Even today plenty of researches and clinical studies focus on potential effects of this amazing plant.

The most important components of Goji juice are Glyconutrients. These supply with eight crucial sugars which are necessary for body to grow.

Additional presence of twenty-two phytonutrients is another powerful feature of this plant.

Day-to-day combat against free radicals is rather important for maintenance of health. Our cells are under constant attack by these dangerous substances. Goji juice is amazingly good at fighting free radicals which makes it successful antioxidant and promoter of life extension. Additionally goji plant prevents the damage of DNA and RNA hence reduces the risk of gene mutations, cancers and resulting death. The juice increases the production of human growth hormone which is in charge with numerous functions among which is youthful appearance. So if one wishes to look younger he/ she should consume goji juice.

The advantage of this plant reflects in preservation of normal organ functioning. It is good for liver, kidney and heart. The difficulties with digestion or even condition like atrophic gastritis are relieved. The juice is easily digested. The sugars present in the plant are good in diet of people who are suffering from diabetes. The effects on heart include strengthening of heart arteries and reduction of blood pressure. Even high cholesterol levels can be brought under control by regular usage of goji juice.

Goji juice has a role in immune response to infections and inflammatory processes by enhancing the reaction of immune system and supporting all the cells involved in combat against vicious infective agents. Inflammation of joints which is regularly followed with pain can be reduced with goji juice.

This magical plant is efficient even in treating insomnia. This has been proven by several medical studies. The plant is powerful memory booster and it is also helpful in fighting weariness and lethargy. Goji is also beneficial for all those who are exposed to increased levels of stress and are anxiety. It helps coping with difficulties and increases the energy levels. As it is known as so called 'happy berry' it alleviated the depression and makes the people feel happy.

And last but not least this plant and its mighty juice have been used for many years as powerful sexual tonic. The effects result in increased libido and higher levels of testosterone in men.

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