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The Epsom Salt remedy for arthritis

The sulfates that can be found in Epsom Salt are the real miracle workers because not only do they get rid of the toxins from the body, they also aid the body with nutrient absorption, make the joints stronger and lessen the pain that migraines cause. Epsom salt is even good for the hurting that arthritis causes. People have been using this salt for a very long time now. Lots of studies have confirmed its health benefits and one of those benefits is the power to fight arthritis symptoms. This salt is made out of magnesium sulfate and people discovered it for the first time in Shakespeare's time. Epsom, England, was the place where one of the first studies including the combination of magnesium sulfate took place. The name Epsom Salt came from the scientists who thought that the sulfates were crystalline structures very much like the table salt. Despite them being wrong, the name did not change.

Magnesium deficiency

Every person has magnesium in his or her system and this element plays a very important role in various processes. However, there are a lot of people in the United States that do not intake enough magnesium and suffer from various problems. One such problem is the improper function of muscles and nerves. A person's arteries may become less elastic which causes blood clots and deaths from a sudden heart attack.Magnesium deficiency means that over 325 body enzymes go unregulated and that insulin is not effective as it should be. The flow of the oxygen in the body will not be as fast as it should be and a person will experience muscle pain and inflamed joints.

Magnesium + Sulfates = Epsom Salts

A lot of people experience all sorts of problems with arthritis and the morning stiffness and pain of the joints is just one of them. People who suffer from arthritis will also be aware of every change in the weather. However, Epsom Salts will reduce the amount of pain no matter what causes it. In New England, people use a hot Epsom Salt bath to treat arthritis problems. The heat alone will better the circulation and make the swelling to go away but the Salt will lessen the pain and discomfort. A person should add two cups of Epsom Salt to the water and stay in the tub for at least 30 minutes. Lotions that have Epsom Salt in them are also a good remedy.

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