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Acetyl-L-carnitine is a dietary supplement

Acetyl L-Carnitine is L-Carnitine in its acetylated form andit is often abbreviated as ALCAR. It occurs naturally in plants and animals andit is actually a very important type of dietary supplement. Speaking inchemical terms it is an amino acid normally produced in the human body and itis one of the essential building blocks for different types of proteins. It canbe used for the prevention and treatment of numerous different types of medicalcondition such as facial paralysis, nerve pain triggered by drugs commonly usedfor the treatment of AIDS, nerve pain triggered by diabetes, cataracts, poorcirculation of the blood in the brain, Down syndrome, Lyme disease, thinkingproblems, alcoholism, some cases of depression, memory loss related to old age,Alzheimer’s disease and numerous different types of mental disorders. In somecases it may also be helpful for the Peyronie’s disease, low levels oftestosterone and infertility in men. The human body can effectively convert itto L-Carnitine and vice versa, but it is still largely unknown how thissubstance provides all the beneficial features. Different forms of carnitinecannot be used as substitutes for each other. One should also understand thatthis amino acid is of utmost importance for the production of energy, properfunctioning of the brain, proper functioning of the heart, normal movement ofthe muscles and various other essential processes which occur in the humanbody.


Elderly people may benefit greatly from acetyl l carnitineas it is very efficient in improving various memory related memory problems.People who use alcohol excessively may also use the same benefits. Nerve painwhich is commonly associated with neuropathy can be reduced by this amino acid.Those who suffer from a certain type of connective tissue disease calledPeyronie’s disease may reduce the pain and slow down the worsening of thecondition by using it as well. Inflammation of certain reproductive organs andsurrounding tissues such as epididymis, seminal vesicles and prostate maysometimes triggered infertility in men and that is where acetyl l carnitinekicks in. It may also be efficient when it comes to increasing the spermmovement and sperm count. This is why it is also helpful with certain otherassociated medical conditions such as age related deficiency of testosterone.Acetyl l carnitine effectively takes care of fatigue, depression and sexualdysfunction triggered by deficiency of this important male hormone. Whenadministered intravenously, this amino acid may be very efficient in improvingthe blood flow to the brain. When a person suffers from an early Alzheimer’sdisease, he or she should try using acetyl l carnitine. Some sources claim thatit may also come in very handy when it comes to the treatment of depression inelderly people, muscle weakness triggered by certain types of medicaments usedfor the treatment of AIDS and Down syndrome. There are still no sufficientevidence that it may treat cataract and thinking problems associated with themedical condition called Lyme disease.

Side effects from Acetyl-L-carnitine

As is the case with any type of medication, herbal remedy, preparationor any other substance commonly used for medicinal purposes, acetyl l carnitinemay sometimes be associated with certain unwanted side effects and it may alsointeract with other drugs and substances in unwanted manner. In most cases itis completely safe for use, but when the side effects do occur, they usuallyinclude a fishy odor of the sweat, breath and urine, restlessness, vomiting,nausea and an overall stomach upset. Since there is no sufficient number of scientificstudies on the subject of safety in pregnant or breastfeeding women, it isstrongly recommended for such persons to steer clear of acetyl l carnitine.Another important warning is that this amino acid may interfere with the waythat thyroid hormone functions. This is especially a great concern for allthose who suffer from insufficient activity of the thyroid gland. This medicalcondition is referred to as hypothyroidism. These people should avoid usingacetyl l carnitine no matter what. Over the years, the number and theseriousness of seizures experienced by people who were treated by oral orintravenously administered L-carnitine has gradually grown. As is alreadyexplained, it is chemically related to acetyl l carnitine so there is a growingconcern that the same thing may occur to people treated with the acetylizedform of this amino acid. This is why there is a general recommendation forpeople who have had seizure to never use acetyl l carnitine in any form. Acetyll carnitine is known for interacting with a certain type of medication calledacenocoumarol. This medicament is used to slow the process of the clotting ofthe blood. It may actually increase the efficacy of this medicament. It mayalso interact with another similar medication called warfarin.

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