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Who are Okinawans?

It is an interesting fact that Okinawans actually live muchlonger than any other people on the planet. Their longevity is disguised byvarious health oriented secrets. One could consider Okinawans to be some sortof role models when the health and proper lifestyles are concerned. Japan isusually at the top of the list of the healthiest nations in the world. Such ahigh place on the list owes a lot to those who live on the small island calledOkinawa. It a small subtropical island located in the Pacific Ocean. Thepercentage of people who are over a hundred years old is much higher on Okinawathan anywhere else on the planet. And the funny fact is that all those elderlyOkinawans are incredibly healthy as they do not spend their last decades oflife in miserable declining health. Those people live the lifestyles thatshould set an example for everyone else in the world, because they are rewardedwith such health benefits which should be examples from health encyclopedias.

The Healthy Lifestyle of Okinawans

Okinawans do not smoke, they are all physically very activeeven into their very old age and they consume plenty of natural foods whichinclude various vegetables and fruits. Their diet is very healthy and it isvery low on calories. They do not consume large amounts of alcohol and theyexpose themselves to plenty of sunshine and fresh air. They live in thetropics, and their diet consists of plenty of sea food which is an excellentsource of various different sorts of essential fatty acids. They have some sortof a cultural control which is called hari hachi bu. That could be translatedroughly into “eat until you are 80 percent full.” Longevity is a greatindication of someone’s health. Those who live longer probably do so becausethey have been living healthy lifestyles throughout their entire lives.Longevity is also connected with restricted amounts of calories ingested. Thereare no overweight hundred year olds anywhere in the world.

The Okinawan lifestyle can be a great measure of protectionfrom strokes, cancers, heart diseases and other killers of western societies.Okinawanas do not have high levels of homocysteine in the blood, whichotherwise causes a lot of damage to the artery walls and that leads to the occurrenceof various severe medical conditions. Okinawan women have much less troubleswith menopause than the ones from the western civilizations.

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