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A Word or Two on Cold Sores

Cold sores are most frequently caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1, rather than HPV-type 2. They are also known as "fever blisters". And these blisters are small, fluid-filled and quite painful. They are highly contagious (kissing or even mere physical contact may be means of transmission), and the sore swollen red blisters will most likely bubble up near certain facial areas: on the lips, nose or around the mouth.

Other known triggers of the infection include: fever, changes in the immune system, stress, hormonal changes (i.e. menstruation, etc.), skin trauma, and exposure to sunlight.

The principal symptoms of this considerable inconvenience are: pain around the mouth and lips, sore throat, fever as well as swollen glands in the neck, the appearance of small, and gingivostomatitis (these are: fluid-filled blisters most commonly around the mouth).

The pain may last up to ten days. When the blister breaks open, and it will then leak a kind of a fluid, and the consequential scar may take up to six weeks to heal completely.

Traditional Treatments for Cold Sores

Traditionally, no treatment is required. As it has been noted previously, the problem will go away – completely on its own – after a period which may last up to ten days.

Despite the above, a number of measures may be taken to further enhance the healing process; and these would include the application of benzyl alcohol, topical lidocaine, antiviral medications, dietary supplements, home remedies, homeopathic treatments, and even: acupuncture.

Acupuncture for Cold Sores Works, too

Aside from treating a variety of diseases such as those related to depression, insomnia, drug abuse and weight loss, acupuncture may be used as a means of treating cold sores as well.

Furthermore, it may even be all the better a choice than some of the previously mentioned methods, since it is completely natural. This method of treatment is possible because of the fact that the pressure applied to certain acupuntural points triggers the release of endorphin hormones – which in turn have a relaxing and calming effect. And these, in their own turn, help the dealing with frustration, stress and anxiety – that is to say the very triggers of cold sores.

So, with this explained as bluntly as possible, it is now crystal clear how cold sores and herpes infections may be prevented and even treated by means of acupuntural methods.

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