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There are a large number of diseases which only occurred inthe ancient times of mankind, but the only ones who “survived” are feverblisters and cold sores, and they can always be considered in epidemicproportions. Almost 90 percent of the adult population of the world carries thevirus which is associated with the occurrence of fever blisters and cold sores.These medical conditions are caused and produced by both type 1 and type 2strains of herpes simplex virus. A person may stumble upon various virusesduring the lifetime which come and go, but the herpes virus always remainsinside the human body over the entire lifespan. This type of virus is verytough and rugged because it survived without any alterations for more than twomillennia. The virus is not that dangerous and in most cases it only latentlyhides in the nerve cells of a person. There is a strong possibility of neverever having a fever blister or cold sore, in spite of carrying the virus withinthe body. Those who do experience these medical conditions usually get themabout twice per year.

These medical conditions are highly contagious as the viruscreates new cold sore colonies wherever it can get through the skin. Some casesinvolve suffering from multiple sores located around the mouth. These usuallyoccur as a result of improper treatment. If the virus affects the eyes it may damagethe cornea and lead to vision loss. The fever blisters and cold sores canalways be reduced by proper care and they should not be touched by barefingers.


The sores need to be cleansed by hydrogen peroxide oralcohol by means of paper towels, tissues, cotton swabs or cotton balls. Byusing these, one does not only cleans the sores, but also disinfects them aswell, which is very important when it comes to relieving the symptoms andmaking them disappear as soon as possible. One must also use the handsanitizing gel constantly. The best thing to do is to prevent the feverblisters and cold sores from occurring in the first place. The risk ofspreading them is minimal and the embarrassment and painful sensations commonlyassociated with these ailments can be easily avoided. In order to prevent thesemedical conditions from occurring it is highly recommended using qualityvitamin supplements on a regular daily basis, because they boost the immunesystem. Lysine can be of great help in treating the conditions as well.

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