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Cold Sores

The following lines will be dedicated to a very embarrassing and uncomfortable problem called chronic cold sore. The HSV-1, or the herpes simplex virus type 1, is the reason for this problem. This very contagious virus will develop cold sore and this may lead to professional and social problems. The virus can be transferred to other people by oral sex or kissing. There is a chance this problem may become chronic, but there are some ways of eliminating the problem for good so that it never happens again. The problem of cold sore can occur for the first time and never appear again, but this does not happen a lot. The recurrence of the problem is a big risk which can lead to the chronic issue. There are triggers which will cause the recurring infection, since the virus stays in the system after the successful treatment of cold sore problem. We have mentioned triggers and some of them include weakened immune system, flu, cold winds and colds. Also, to this list we can add fatigue and stress. The cold sore is usually developed on the facial skin close to the mouth and the edge area of the lips. This will cause swelling and redness followed by blisters full of fluid. Cold sore is a very embarrassing problem, which causes pain mostly due to swelling and itching.


First you will have to consult your doctor. Reappearing cold sores can really be a problem and this consultation can surely help in treating chronic cold sore problem. People usually do not know how to treat cold cores so this is another reason why consulting a doctor is the best option. Weak immune system may be a great problem, which will have to the corrected. You can do this by avoiding stress, eating right and sleeping enough. This will make your immune system strong and it will fight the invasion of the viruses. Home remedies can provide comfort as well. One of them is cold compress, which will reduce pain and swelling. Antiviral abilities of garlic will help as well. The affected area can be treated with the prescription medicines, lip balms and creams. Treatment is very important since it will prevent returning of the problem. Otherwise, the problem will disappear without treatment after 8 to 12 days, but it will occur again for sure. There are many treatment methods for recurring cold sores but you will have to be persistent and find the one that suits you, so that you will never experience this annoying problem.

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