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Cold sores

Many people are infected by herpes simplex virus even though they are not aware of that, since this virus may stay passive for the whole life. On the other side, when certain things trigger this virus, it may lead to the outbreak of blisters in the mouth area, which is known as cold sores. These blisters are usually filled with fluid and they emerge on the lips and cause a lot of distress since they look ugly. For that reason, the affected person is ready to do anything just to get rid of the cold sore as soon as possible.

Many people experience cold sores in their most important moments since among the main causes for the cold sores are stress and excessive excitement. The cold sores usually lasts a couple of weeks and cause embarrassment and low self-esteem.

Treatments for cold sores

When one uses the prescription medicines, they may relieve the symptoms though usually very little, while the side effects of the medicines may cause other discomforts, such as dryness of the skin, itching and peeling. Some topical medications can be quite expensive and they should be applied on the cold sores regularly, which can be quite annoying since these medications contain harsh chemicals.

Some people will not find the relief from the cold sores even if they take drugs or apply the medications on the cold sores, or even after frequent visits to the dermatologists, and for those people the best treatment for the cold sores refers to the natural remedies.

The cold sores should be attacked from the inside of the body and not only address the symptoms of it, and when the cold sores are attacked in both ways, it can bring the wanted results which are permanent and which will prevent the outbreak of the cold sores later in life.

Since weak immune system is among the factors that cause cold sores, the person who has problems with this disorder should boost the immune system with various herbal remedies because only when the immune system is strong, it is able to fight the virus. Furthermore, managing stress should also be brought to the highest level, which is best achieved by regular exercising. Healthy diet is also advisable since we get the essential nutrients and vitamins through the food we eat. When all these things are always incorporated, the person will not have the problems with cold sores for life.

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