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Headache or cephalgia is a medical term used to describe thepain localized in the neck or in the head. The brain itself has no painreceptors and it can’t hurt, but many of the tissues surrounding the brain are sensitiveto pain and can hurt. These are tissues within or outside the cranium and anyof these may be affected by pain.

Everyday headaches may be very problematic or cause minorproblems, depending on the people experiencing it or type of pain they sufferfrom. There are various types of headaches but some of the most common are painin the back of the head, pain behind the eyes and migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches are proven to be more common thancombined asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. Some people may suffer from relativelymild migraines, occurring only occasionally, but there are some patientswho suffer from constant and persistent migraines lasting for several hours oreven days. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) people sufferingfrom severe cases of migraine are considered to be disabled as much as dementiaor quadriplegia patients. According to the statistic data, about 25 millions of days ofschool or work are lost every year because of migraine related headaches. Theseheadaches are more common among women than men and may cause serious work,social and emotional problems to the sufferers.

Aspirin Injections

In some cases, liquid Aspirin can be used to relieveeveryday headaches. This potentially new treatment uses liquid Aspirin andinjects it into the bloodstream to ease troublesome daily headaches in somepatients. Aspirin is an old drug and relatively inexpensive, so it can be usedto cure many headache patients all over the world. However, patients areadvised to look into possible side effects of this drug.

Anti-Stress Techniques and Methods

In some cases, everyday headaches are caused by stress.Anything may be related to stress like packing for holidays, lack of sleep,weather changes or even depression. Carbonated drinks are known to lead toconstant everyday headaches as well. Patients should learn how to relax andavoid anything that can provoke headaches.

Botox, Genes and Gadgets

Besides improving the wrinkles on your forehead or aroundyour eyes, Botox can also relieve constant headaches. This option is notsuitable for everyone suffering from headaches, but it can be the best solutionfor people with chronic migraine which is very hard to relieve in any otherway.

Gene therapy is another solution for everyday headaches.Gene called Tresk is identified in about 80% of migraine sufferers and genetreatment can significantly improve their quality of life.

Devices such as transcranial magnetic simulation may also beused to relieve troublesome headaches.

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