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There is a whole variety of medical conditions associated with sharp pain in the head. Sharp headache is only one type of headache. It is usually sudden and does not last long. Its location may be different so while some people complain about sharp pain in the temples others may feel sharp pain at the back of the head.

What Are Causes of Sharp Pain in Head?

Sharp pain can be a characteristic of a migraine. In people suffering from a migraine the pain is localized on one side of the head and ranges from mild to severe. The pain may sometimes be excruciating and interfere with even the simplest activities. Apart from pain that may be sharp this medical condition is also associated with sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting.

Sharp pain in the head may originate from sinuses. It is a common feature of sinusitis, inflammation or infection of sinuses. In such case the pain is localized in the forehead, the cheeks or occurs between the eyes, depending on the affected sinus.

Meningitis is another condition that may be responsible for sharp pain in the head. This inflammation of the meninges (the system of membranes that surrounds the brain) may be caused by different infective agents and additionally features with stiffness of the neck, nausea, vomiting, photophobia and in some cases skin rash. Even inflammation of the very brain tissue (encephalitis) may be a source of sharp pain in the head. Encephalitis is a serious condition that apart from headache features with nausea, vomiting, seizures and several more symptoms and signs.

Patients suffering from brain tumor have to deal with pain once the tumor grows to certain size and its size or location induce an increase in intracranial pressure. The type of pain caused by brain tumors may vary. Certain number of patients complain about sharp pain in the head.

Apart from the previously mentioned there are several more conditions associated with sharp pain in the head. For example, such pain may be connected with hangover, withdrawal of different kinds, improper posture or it originates from circulatory problems of the neck and brain blood vessels. Sharp pain in the head due to head injuries should also be mentioned. And finally, such pain may develop due to changes in hormones or stress, mental tension and depression.

Treatment for Sharp Pain in Head

The doctor can suggest the most convenient treatment for sharp pain in the head only when he/she identifies the underlying cause of the pain. Therefore, treatment depends on the the condition person is currently suffering from. Since there are many conditions that can cause sharp pain in the head treatment differs a lot. Some conditions are treated conservatively, others surgically and there is even a combination of these treatment modalities.

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