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Interestingly enough, our brain does not have the capability to feel pain. However, numerous nerves allow this pain to be felt. As for headaches, these take place due to many of these nerves located in our throat, on our scalp, on the face and in the mouth, experiencing pain and leading to aches.

Facts about Headaches

Basically, headaches can be further divided into two major groups. Primary headaches encompass stress headaches, migraines or cluster headaches, not being associated with any other condition the patient may be suffering from. On the other hand, we have secondary headaches which are triggered by an underlying condition.

All of us are bound to suffer from headaches at some point in our lives. Therefore, headaches are considered to be the most common nervous disorder affecting the human race. In fact, 55 million Americans suffer from headaches on a daily basis. Also, every 20th individual in the world suffers from headaches which come and go on a regular basis, women being more affected than men.

Effect of Headaches

Since headaches manifest mainly through pain, these phenomena can be quite distracting, preventing people from performing their daily activities successfully, leading to job losses, relationship issues, depression and many other problems.

People who suffer from headaches are irritable and nervous, some of them being very careful about what they consume since even strong smells or certain food may trigger terrible migraines. Due to this delicate state headache sufferers are in, they usually stay isolated and do not seek medical assistance, prolonging the painful daily nightmare they are being a part of.

Moreover, with stress being one of the major triggers of headaches, numerous people can find treatments easily, changing their lifestyles a bit. However, before any progress in treatment can happen, the sufferers need to have their problems diagnosed.

Types of Headaches and Possible Treatment

Stress headaches usually stem from muscle or bone problems in the neck area. Another type of headaches, tension headaches happen suddenly, lasting from several minutes to several hours, manifesting through pressure sensation being felt on both sides of the head, or even the neck.

Migraines, on the other hand, appear due to one's brain, which releases pain-triggering chemicals, affecting the nerves and vessels in the head area. Lasting for several hours or longer, appearing on a monthly or even weekly basis, migraines may happen hand-in-hand with nausea or light and sound sensitivity.

Cluster headaches appear once or twice a year, lasting from six to twelve weeks, being extremely painful, affecting the whole head area, including the eyes, forehead, nose and mouth, affecting men predominantly.

Treatments involve painkillers, caffeine, vitamin B2 or magnesium. However, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis have shown remarkable results in treatment of headaches, dealing directly with the causes, helping people live without these troublesome phenomena, stopping headaches before they become serious or relieving stress which might trigger them in the first place.

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