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Heart Transplant

This risky surgery will be the focus of this text, more precisely, we will see how much money such a surgery demands. First, we have to see what a heart transplant is. During the surgery, the heart of a patient is replaced by the another heart received from the donor. Severe coronary artery disease and last stage of a heart failure are two reasons for this surgery to take place. It is only done as a last resort. As we have mentioned, heart of a patient is removed. Then, a donor heart from another patient is placed instead of the patient's heart. Sometimes the support of the new heart is needed by the original heart, and in these cases, the old heart remains where it was and it is not removed.

Need for a Heart Transplant

This is a very risky surgery and only patients who are ideal candidates for this are taken into consideration. Only those whose life is endangered can be involved with a heart transplant surgery. Also, since there are many other treatment methods, all of them must be tried out before the heart transplant is discussed. Life threatening arrhythmias, heart valves disease, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathy are some of the very serious medical problems, which should get you on a list for heart transplant. Also, if you are having kidney disease, liver disease, lung diseases, vascular diseases, thromboembolism, insulin dependent diabetics, high pulmonary vascular resistance, or if you are over 60, a drug abuser or alcohol abuser, you may find your way to this list as well.


We can estimate the total cost of a heart transplant to be in the range from 75000 to 79000 $. Also, you have to add to this post-operative care, which requires more money during the following six months and a fee for finding a donor heart, which costs approximately 12000 $. A number of fees will have to be included. You will have to pay for the prolonged stay, surgeon's visits, anesthesiologist, preparation for the surgery and several others. Since long period of time is needed for the intensive care unit, this period will certainly raise the price. Know that skipping biopsy, clinic visits or other fees may impair the effect of the surgery and reduce the life expectancy. It is sad to say that although this is a surgery that is needed by those who are dying and having serious problems, most of them are just overwhelmed by the cost and sometimes have to back out. But there are many options involved with payment, so inform in detail about this.

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